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R and D Official Page

A official page for R and D has been posted on hampstead theatre


R and D

Martin Hutson is to appear in the play R and D from the 22nd September-22nd October 2016 at the Hampstead Theatre

Radio Times (27th August-2nd September 2016)

Small article on Tutankhamun in the Radio Times (27th August-2nd September 2016)

Tutankhamun UK Air Date

Tutankhamun will air on ITV in October 2016

TV and Satellite Week (6th-12th August 2016)

Small article on Tutankhamun in TV and Satellite Week (6th-12th August 2016)

ITV First Look (24th June 2016)

A video of a clip of Tutankhamun has been posted on ITV First Look youtube channel (24th June 2016)

Dragonheart 4

Dragonheart 4 will be a direct-to-dvd

Dragonheart 4 Film Production Wraps

Film production on Dragonheart 4 has now wrapped on the 30th May 2016

ITV (10th June 2016)

A video of a clip of Tutankhamun has been posted on itv (10th June 2016)


Tutankhamun programme catalogue has been posted on itv studios (need login to view)

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